Indiana Standards Laboratory offers ISO/IEC-17025 accredited calibration of psychrometers, humidity meters and humidity chambers, along with all types of temperature measuring equipment. In the laboratory humidity meters are calibrated using a Thunder Scientific 2500, the industry standard for high-precision humidity calibration. For on-site calibrations, humidity meters are calibrated using our portable humidity generator and precision Vaisala humidity probe. ISL calibrates using standards traceable to a National Metrological Institute such as NIST(US) for various manufacturers’ instruments including but not limited to: Fluke, Vaisala, Extech, Flir, Dickson, Control Company, and VWR.


Humidity (Source & Measure)
  • (10 to 90) %RH


Infrared Pyrometers
  • (35 to 500) °C
Temperature Uniformity
  • (-90 to 1000) °C
Temperature Measure
  • (-196 to 660) °C
Temperature Measuring Equipment
  • (-196 to 400) °C
ITS 90 – Fixed Point
  • 660 °C
Surface Temperature Measurement
  • (0 to 250) °C